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Call for Nominations for GIGA Governing Board Elections


The Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance (GIGA) is seeking nominations for 5 officers of the GIGA Governing Board from its membership. Nominations of other members and self-nominations are encouraged. These officers will serve two-year terms beginning at the end of November 2021. The future and advancement of the society depend on its member’s participation, so please consider serving. The Governing Board generally meets quarterly, and frequently corresponds by email.

The following positions are open:

President – The President will have the authority to negotiate collaborations and agreements, and then report back to the Governing Board and the Community of Scientists (COS) for full consensus. The President can sign formal agreements and contracts approved by the GB and/or the COS. Regular GIGA conferences will likely be led by local organizing committees, but the President can assist in planning the regular GIGA conference, along with the Retiring President and Conference Vice-President.

Executive Vice-President for Conferences – In consultation with the President, shall be responsible for the administration, fundraising for, and operation of, the Community of Scientists in accordance with the existing constitution, bylaws, and policies.

Executive Vice-President for Development and Fundraising – Will make efforts to raise funds for the GIGA mission, and direct donations to the GIGA donor account.

Executive Vice-President for Early Career Development – Shall develop and establish educational opportunities to train students and early career scientists, relevant to the mission of GIGA.

Student Representative – Will serve as a liaison to the student communities related to GIGA.

The GIGA By-Laws are at

Please send your nominations to by Friday, October 22 nd ,2021. If nominating other members, please copy them on your nomination e-mail. Currently serving officers may be nominated. Each self-nomination or accepted nomination should include a short biographical sketch of the nominee and a vision statement (up to 1 page) for the respective position.

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GIGA-IGNITE 2021 Fellowship in Invertebrate Genomics. Congrats to finalist Aabha Deshpande.

On behalf of the Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance (GIGA) we are very excited to announce that Aahba Deshpande has received the inaugural GIGA-IGNITE Fellowship in Invertebrate Genomics 2021 award

GIGA is dedicated to promoting resources and standards that will facilitate comparative approaches and collaborations for future generations. 

Aahba’s research will be showcased through her social media links: Twitter (@AabhaSRD), Facebook (Aabha Deshpande), and ResearchGate (Aabha Deshpande

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GIGA-IGNITE 2021 Fellowship In Invertebrate Genomics for Graduate Students. Applications DUE April 19, 2021

GIGA-IGNITE Fellowship in Invertebrate Genomics to provide financial assistance to graduate students involved in invertebrate genomic research (non-insect/non-nematode) to work in an IGNITE laboratory in Europe in 2021-2022.

Award information:
Amount: up to 1,600 € lump-sum support, which can be applied towards any research invertebrate genomics project. Support will be provided for any area of invertebrate genomic research in the IGNITE network (i.e. wet-lab, computational, theoretical, see here for a list of possible host labs) and is intended to support travel to/from the host lab and subsistence during the internship. The funds are not provided for research support or field collections.

Anticipated Number of Awards: One in 2021

Eligibility: MSc or PhD students currently enrolled in a graduate research program. Not limited to any nationality or country of origin.

Deadline: 19 April 2021

Application Process:

To apply, applicants must submit:

1) a curriculum vitae

2) a max 1000-word statement that outlines the research project objectives, methods, intellectual merit, a justification of the desired IGNITE host lab, and how the proposed project fits GIGA aims

3) a budget detailing total costs and any possibility of co-funding

4) a 500-word justification for the financial need and how this award will enhance the candidate’s research.

Optionally, one or two letters of recommendation may also be sent directly to Heather Bracken-Grissom (

Please provide all other documents (1-4) as a SINGLE pdf toHeather Bracken-Grissom ( the file name and email header written as “LASTNAME_GIGA-IGNITE_Fellowship2021”.

Applications by members of underrepresented groups and countries are encouraged and can be noted as part of the statements.

GIGA/IGNITE Background

The Global Invertebrate Genome Alliance (GIGA) was formed in 2013 as a collaborative network of diverse scientists who wish to advance the state of genomic research on non-vertebrates for the international scientific community. GIGA is dedicated to promoting resources and standards that will facilitate comparative approaches and collaborations for future generations.

As part of this mission, the European Innovative Training Network (ITN) “Comparative Genomics of Non-Model Invertebrates” (ITN IGNITE, sprang from the second GIGA meeting in Munich (Germany) in 2015, and obtained funding from the Horizon 2020 EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation to train 15 early stage researchers (ESRs) in invertebrate genomics across Europe.

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GIGA Fellowship in Invertebrate Genomics. Congrats to finalist Kate Castellano.

On behalf of the Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance (GIGA) we are very excited to announce that Kate Castellano has received the inaugural GIGA Fellowship in Invertebrate Genomics 2020 award

GIGA is dedicated to promoting resources and standards that will facilitate comparative approaches and collaborations for future generations. 

Kate Castellano winner of GIGA’s 2020 Invertebrate Genomics Felloswhip

With these objectives in mind, we are excited to see Kate’s research that investigates reproductive life history of salps, a group that is in need for expanded genomic resources.  We were impressed by her research statement, thoughtful budget and her desire to train future generations in invertebrate -OMICS research.  We look forward to hearing about Kate’s successes!

GIGA received many fantastic applications for this award. We acknowledge honorable mentions for outstanding proposals to the following applicants:

  • Birdie Alexander-Lawrie
  • Erika Gress
  • Nickellaus Roberts
  • Amy Burgess

Announcements and Events

GIGA Session at Biodiversity Genomics 2020 Conference.

Wed, Oct 7, 17:00 – 19:00 GMT (11 AM EST), 2020.

Join us at Biodiversity Genomics 2020 to celebrate success, explore challenges and look to the future of sequencing all life on Earth.
Main sessions 15:00-19:00 BST
Register today at:
Abstract Submission closes Sept 1
Attendance registration closes Oct 2
Hashtag: #BioGenomics20

Biodiversity Genomics 2020 will bring together researchers across the world to celebrate our achievements in genome sequencing across the eukaryotic tree of life, explore current challenges and their likely solutions, and look forward to the coming decade of the application of genomics across the globe. With major projects starting to deliver data at scale, new tools for sequencing and assembling genomes becoming available, and increased awareness of the power of whole genome data in understanding organismal biology and ecosystem processes, Biodiversity Genomics 2020 promises to be a milestone in the effort to “sequence life for the future of life”.
Biodiversity Genomics 2020 continues the tradition of previous meetings of Genomes 10k, the Vertebrate Genomes Project, the Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance, and the Earth BioGenome Project.
Biodiversity Genomics 2020 will highlight data and aspirations from projects with global and local focus, defined taxonomic and all-species goals, and innovations in technology and understanding. We explicitly aim for inclusivity and diversity in the meeting. We will hear from invited plenary speakers, inspiring us with discussion of the current state-of-the-art in genome science across biodiversity, while focussed parallel sessions will showcase specific projects, highlight new findings and current challenges, and look to the future.
The meeting is open to all. Despite being online-only, we encourage free exchange of ideas and interests through virtual poster sessions, chat rooms and other social events. The meeting will be free to attend, thanks to generous support from the Tree of Life programme at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and other sponsors.
We invite you to register for the meeting, and to submit your research for presentation as a short talk or as a poster.
Mark Blaxter (Tree of Life, Wellcome Sanger Institute UK), Harris Lewin (EBP, UC Davis CA USA), Jose Victor Lopez (GIGA, Nova Southeastern FL USA), Erich D. Jarvis (VGP, Rockefeller NY USA)